Long Story Short: The Firm’s Beginning



73SINS becomes a reality in the summer of 2015, but the truth is that the symptoms of creating something in the fashion industry were there long before that date.

My best friend Adam and I loved to follow the latest releases and creations from pretty much every designer out there. We spent hours talking and discussing about the garments we loved, how could we possibly make them even better, and how to improve those that did not look as good. One thing led to the other and we soon found ourselves ordering customized clothes from regular merchandising e-stores. Simple stuff, just t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats, but we loved it.

That summer of 2015 I mentioned a few lines earlier was however the inflection point, and it happened in a way we never expected, as it is in the nature of these kind of adventures.

Adam just began his college career at University of Arkansas in January of that year, and because he needed some more credit hours in order to be elegible to play tennis the following season, he had to take summer classes during the months of June and July. It was during one of the many skype calls we had when we suddenly came with the name of 73SINS. The actual story of how it all came down to that name is something we are not ready to tell just jet, but it isn’t too relevant for now.


Adam Sanjurjo playing for U. of Arkansas.


73SINS Design Inspiration Working Studio

When Adam came back home after those two months he brought me something I took as the starting point; a customized snapback hat that had “Sins” embroidered in the front panel and a small “73” on the side. It was at that point when I decided to start making a clothing line.

Desings come easy, but it is a much more difficult task to choose the best ones. Those ‘chosen’ ones need to show something different, but remain as fashion, clean, classy, and somehow simple, as it is the 73SINS style. I soon realized how much work is behind building something of your own, from the legal aspects and logistics, to the brand recognition and marketing.

We needed to find a way to express our understinding of exclusiveness and fashion, and also felt like, specially Spain, was was in need of a firm with the characteristics of 73SINS. The idea is to target the gap that exists in Spain between fast-fashion industry (fashionable clothes at a very competitive price), and the high, runaway or event couture in which prices and garments are only available to the richest ones and just for special ocassions. It is not ready-to-wear fashion.

It is during this stage 73SINS decided to be special and target all those fashion lovers who look for a brand to represent them and to feel proud of, since every big country or city in Europe has many remarkable fashion firms but Madrid. (i.e. Italy: gucci, valentino, dolce & gabbana, versace… France: Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Kenzo, Dior… UK: Alexander McQueen, Neil Barret…
73SINS must be also exclusive, but at a fair price. You get what you pay for. Another big concept for us is the new fashion – slow fashion. Fashion with responsabilities. Enviromentally friendly corps, organic materials, and produced at locally, in Spain, by amazingly good professionals who present an extraordinary know-how and receive a fair salary for the tremendous work of art they do.

Dreamers move the world, and it is the willingness to pursue your dreams what makes the difference between conformists and successful people.

Welcome to 73SINS.

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