The firm 73SINS (hereinafter, "the Firm") is a company founded in 2015 that was born from the need felt by its founder that the city of Madrid had a representation with local and pure identity, but at the same time updated and in accordance to the standards of global prêt-à-porter fashion. The Firm currently operates in a multiplicity of institutional, economic, political, social and cultural contexts, which are in constant and rapid development. All the activities of the Firm must be carried out in accordance with Spanish legislation, in a context of fair competition with honesty, integrity, correctness and good faith; respecting the legitimate interests of customers, employees, other business, and financial partners, and the social context in which the Firm's business activities are carried out. All employees of the Firm, without distinction or exception, must commit to comply with or guarantee compliance with these principles in the context of their individual functions and responsibilities.

The belief of acting for the benefit of the Firm can never justify the adoption of behaviors that conflict with these principles.

The Ethical Code is a labor resource itself, and it marks a point of reference for all the interested parties of the Firm. The purpose of the Ethical Code is to guarantee the application of the principles of correctness, fairness, integrity, honesty, and professional discipline to operations, behaviors, and ways of working in both the internal relations of the Firm and in relations with external agents.

73SINS grants a high priority to the application of the Ethical Code, so it will not hesitate to intervene with corrective measures whenever necessary for an adequate compliance with it.


Environmental protection should be encouraged in the general business approach. The Firm is committed to continuously improve the environmental performance of quality systems and production processes by controlling the relevant legal and regulatory provisions.

The Firm undertakes to produce and sell, in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements, products with the highest standards regarding safety and environmental performance. In addition, it strives to develop and implement technical and innovative solutions that minimize environmental impacts and guarantee maximum possible safety.

73SINS is an organic firm.


73SINS manufactures alongside partners who also care and are very conscious about our planet and how important it is to respect it and take precious care of it. We chose to produce under the supervision of organizations that certify these partners are the best ones we could possibly find. Among those organizations are:


GOTS is comprised of four reputed member organizations, namely OTA (USA), IVN (Germany), Soil Association (UK) and JOCA (Japan), which contribute to the GOTS, together with further international stakeholder organizations and experts, their respective expertise in organic farming and environmentally and socially responsible textile processing.

Their vision is that organic textiles will become a significant part of everyday life, enhancing people’s lives and the environment.

Their mission is the development, implementation, verification, protection and promotion of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  This standard stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecology and labor conditions in textile and apparel manufacturing using organically produced raw materials. Organic production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, organic production relies on adequate animal husbandry and excludes genetic modification.

Learn more about GOTS at

We see ourselves as contributing to sustainable development and actively cooperate with all relevant stakeholders.


Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is a non-profit organization that works with garment brands, factories, trade unions, NGOs, and governments to improve working conditions for garment workers in 11 production countries across Asia, Europe and Africa.

Every year, they conduct a Brand Performance Check at all FWF member companies. It’s the most important element of FWF’s unique ‘shared responsibility’ approach. Traditional efforts to improve conditions focus primarily on the factory. They believe, however, that the management/purchasing decisions of clothing brands have an enormous influence on factory conditions. In other words, factory conditions cannot be separated from brands’ business practices.

With headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and representation in Germany, FWF is represented in the main areas where its members are.

Learn more about Fair Wear Foundation at

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